church bridal shower

A few weeks after mom and dad had visited us up in Denver, Jesse and I headed down to Amarillo to see them and attend my bridal shower that their church was throwing for us. I had fond memories of the one they threw for my brother and sister-in-law and I was really looking forward to it!

It was a quick weekend, up and back, but I’m so glad I have this memory now. This was the first of many celebrations we had planned over the coming months, and it was fun kicking things off. We pulled in quite late to the great state of Texas on Friday night. Mom, in her true fashion, had all the gluten-free snacks and dishes on hand for Jesse. At this particular moment in time, he was very fond of frozen chocolate-covered bananas. Instead of just grabbing an overly-priced package at Natural Grocer’s and shoving it in the freezer, she had made them by hand, melting the chocolate and dipping each banana in that gooey, sweet bath. Classic Kay.

After chatting for a bit, and loving on Roxy, she headed to bed, and we followed suit. Somewhere in the middle of the night, I heard Jesse roll out of bed, head towards the freezer, and grab one of those homemade treats made just for him. I rolled over in bed with a big smile.

The next day, Jesse and I headed to the church in the morning. My parents’ pastor was going to perform our wedding ceremony, and we were there for some premarital counseling. He recently left the church, but he was so great while he was there. Just an amazing spirit of a man, and I couldn’t think of anyone else who I’d rather have marry us. He was extremely interested in Jesse’s spiritual upbringing. Jesse has a colorful past of different religions that he experienced while growing up. It always makes for some super interesting conversation over a glass of wine at our house! After a great session, we headed back to the house for some lunch before the shower.

I wasn’t sure just how many people the ladies were expecting for my shower, but I was overwhelmed by the amount of people that showed up. They loved my mom, and in turn, loved us. It really was just such a blessing.

Once back at the church, I saw the prettiest peach and pink flowers, homemade cupcakes that you swore were from a swanky dessert boutique back in Denver (but tasted mucho better), and punches that were tastier than the watered-down church kool-aid you remember having as a kid. The whole table decor and setup was very sweet and so pretty. And not only did they throw a great bash, but the hostesses surprised us with our plates from our registry! How sweet is that?

My mom was so happy! She was so excited it was her turn to be the mother of the bride! And I was so happy so many of her members of her church family came to celebrate our family. They just kept coming. It really was a happy day.

Jesse and my dad arrived about 2/3rds of the way through the shower, said their hellos, and then packed up the car. I don’t think we could have filled our Explorer up with any more boxes! After a long day back and forth at the church, we headed home for dinner and cards.

My family loves cards and games. Gin Rummy, Sequence, Threesies, and Farkle are favorites, just to name a few. Well, Farkle isn’t really cards, it’s dice. But same thing. Over a game of Threesies, we discovered that Jesse and I had booked our trip to NYC for my cousin’s upcoming wedding, but had booked it for the wrong day!

“Wait, the wedding is on a Sunday?” we both exclaimed.

“Oh boy,” I said, “We leave on Sunday!”

We must have assumed Saturday? We both looked at each other with shear panic in our eyes. We had already RSVP’d, booked the room, and scheduled flights.

“You didn’t read the invitation?” my dad asked jovially. A small smirk appeared on his face.

“We did, but maybe out of habit we just booked wrong?” I pondered. Their wedding was in TWO WEEKS!

Threesies came to an ubrupt end, and we grabbed the laptop to look up a change in flight for Jesse, unsuccessfully. He had to be back to speak on Monday for a group of VPs at his company. No flight allowed him to both attend the wedding and speak at the meeting.

Work presentation trumped the wedding, so unfortunately we quickly rerouted our plans. I’d still go in early, but I’d stay with my big sis from the sorority instead of meeting her in New York, and Jesse would stay home with our fur baby Roxy, eliminating one big cost of boarding and doggy day care!

With that all sorted out, we finished our game and chatted about the events of the day. The shower was truly a great way to kick off our celebration season! I was so grateful for the ladies who threw such a great party earlier that afternoon.

That would be the only shower mom would be able to attend. Looking back now, I’m so thankful that mom was able to celebrate that day, with a group so important to her, and us.