fudge cancer

I’ve been slowly writing drafts of my story, and my husband sat down to read them all before I launched my blog (and re-launched lilsooner.com). He had read the posts on his train ride home. He hopped in the car, turned his head, and said “Babe, that was some heavy stuff. I cannot believe we made it through. I can’t believe you held it together. How did you do that?”

Honestly, I have no idea. My initial reaction is, “because I had to?”

Lots of people have their lives ransacked by the Big C. It’s such a fowl word, it’s even hard to say. Not everyone knows where to start, or where to go. But, there are groups, organizations, and clubs all willing to provide support, funds, and just a hug to anyone in need.

The shirt I purchased for my bridal shower came from Fudge Cancer (with the more aggressive store with F*ck Cancer). It’s here. If you or someone you know needs some support, and doesn’t mind the edgier tone, please check it out. They didn’t sponsor this, or ask me to do it. I’m just putting it out there because I know it can help someone. There are resources, events, programs and more all waiting for anyone who can use it.

Lets F Cancer!