After a long day of driving, the last thing I really wanted to do was go shopping, but, since we were leaving for Houston the next morning, it had to be now.

I had only brought a carryon to Kansas for the bridal shower, and I only had a few pairs of undies, and a couple of outfits. With no clear timeline for how long I’d be gone and hanging out in the great big state of Texas, a Target run was definitely necessary.

The great thing about Target is that the basics are good in both price and quality (these days I prefer Madewell for tshirts, but spending $200 on shirts wasn’t really an option at this point!), and they pretty much everything one would need to get through a stay at MD Anderson. With my brother waiting in the car (who I’m sure didn’t want to wait longer than 15 minutes), I rushed over to the colorful t-shirt display and grabbed any and all colors that were in my size. I honestly didn’t care the color, just so long as they fit. I rushed over across the aisle and shoved two handfuls of undies in my basket, and then proceeded to raid the travel bins for somewhat-better-for-you options. No one wants a smelly girl in a small hospital room with close quarters for five of us.

Pants. I need pants! I rushed back over to the clothes aisle and found a two pairs of jeans I could rotate through along with the leggings I had already packed. While walking through the clothes to get to the registers, I impulsively threw in a sweatshirt and cardigan because you KNOW hospitals are cold.

With my hospital survival kit now ready, I bolted for the register and checked out as fast as I could before my brother could argue how long I had taken.

While packing up my suitcase that evening I marveled at my selections. It was interesting to pick through my findings, especially knowing the frame of mind I was in. I had glorious colors I had never worn before. Lavender? Pale peach? These certainly were a change from my standard issue gray, black, and white! And I have to say, my mom would have LOVED these colors. She was always asking me to wear some color – ha!

Somewhere in the mix, a pair of superwoman undies had made it into the basket. Because, you know, I’m a thirty-something who now owns superhero undergarments.

It hadn’t quite hit me what the next day would bring. In some way, it just felt like I was taking a long, impromptu road trip. This past 48 hours had been a whirlwind of car travel, fast food (Braums!!), and family. And some bad news. It would hit me, just not tonight.