Here’s a little story, I haven’t told much. Some of you know what went down almost 3 years ago. Some of you don’t. To some of you, it’s an all too familiar story and battle. To others, you can’t even fathom something like this happening.

Honestly, sometimes it’s hard for me to believe it happened the way it did.

Here’s the cliff notes version: In the span of about 5 days, my mom died, I turned a year older, and I became a wife. That was about two and a half years ago.

While all this was going on around me, I decided to quit my career, become a jeweler, and take on home renovation with my new husband. Because, why not add more fun to the mix?

Here’s the thing. I have lots of time while working at my jewelers bench to think. I constantly experience floods of memories from that time that live in this brain of mine. Some memories are so wonderful. Like mom baking her world-famous chocolate chip cookies (aka brownies for those who know), and the smell of freshly baked dough and warm chocolate that lingered into the night.

Some aren’t as lovely, and they are more cold and sterile like the hospital room at the fancy cancer center.

I felt like maybe it was time to get these memories out. To keep them somewhere handy, so I’ll always remember them. To self-soothe at times. To help someone else struggling with something hard. To help another daughter experiencing the same thing.

This is the story about how I made it through a death, a birthday, a wedding in one week, and a new business, a home renovation, and a new life in the blink of an eye. I promise to infuse humor whenever possible, because cancer, in a nutshell, is a bitch.